What's happening in our diocese to protect the most vulnerable?


In 1982, President Reagan proclaimed April to be the first National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and that tradition continues today. This April, take a moment to learn what you can do to prevent abuse. Please scroll down for information, resources, and ideas on child abuse prevention in our communities and in or Church.

Things to do for National Child Abuse Prevention Month

  • Learn more about child abuse prevention

  • Talk to your children about personal boundaries and physical and online safety

  • Make a pinwheel garden

  • Pray for abuse survivors

  • Pray the Rosary for abuse survivors

  • Learn how to report child abuse 

  • We report all allegations of abuse directly to law enforcement and cooperate with civil authorities on all investigations.

  • Our diocese has a designated Victim Assistance Coordinator whose primary role is to accompany survivors and provide resources for their healing journey.

  • We also have an independent review board, consisting primarily of lay members.

  • The role of the review board is to review allegations and make a recommendation to the bishop regarding the suitability for ministry.

  • We train adults on how to maintain a safe environment and how to report concerns.

  • We train minors in parish religious education programs and in Catholic schools to identify warning signs of abuse and inappropriate behavior, as well as how to report abuse.

  • By following all of our diocesan policies and procedures to create safe environments, we can maintain a culture of protection and healing.

Safe Environment Policy for the Protection of Children - Code of Pastoral Conduct

California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Law


Total of Active Priests                                     291

Safe Environment Training Compliant               291

Background Check Compliant                          291


Total of Active Deacons                                  131

Safe Environment Training Compliant               131

Background Check Compliant                          131


Candidates for Ordination

Total of Seminarians                                       30                  Safe Environment Training Compliant               30                    Background Check Compliant                          30                                                                                                                    Total of Candidates for the Diaconate               44

Safe Environment Training Compliant               44

Background Check Compliant                          44



Total of Active Employees                              1855

Safe Environment Training Compliant              1839

Background Check Compliant                         1835


Volunteers with Minors

Total of Active Catechists                               2830

Safe Environment Training Compliant              2701

Background Check Compliant                         2494


Total of Active Volunteer Youth Ministers         26                     Safe Environment Training Compliant              26

Background Check Compliant                         26


Other Active Parish Volunteers with Minors      1853

Safe Environment Training Compliant             1677

Background Check Compliant                        1701


Minors Involved in Programs

Catechetical Ministry students                        32864

Safe Environment Trained                             29516

Opt-Outs                                                     178


Youth Ministry participants                             1001

Safe Environment Trained                              1001

Opt-Outs                                                      0


Catholic Schools Students                               7227

Safe Environment Trained                              7227

Opt-Outs                                                      0




What's happening nationally to protect the most vulnerable?

  • The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has two bodies committed to the influence of policies regarding child and youth protection:

  • The Committee on the Protection of Children and Young People where all members are bishops, and the National Review Board in which all members are lay people who have elements of expertise in the field of child and youth protection.

  • There is a Victim Assistance Coordinator and Safe Environment Coordinator in every diocese.

  • The Annual Audit, currently conducted by StoneBridge Business Partners, evaluates the success of child and youth protection procedures, and trainings throughout the audit year.

  • Diocesan Review Boards are in place in every diocese to review allegations of abuse and advise the bishop.

  • All adult volunteers, clergy, and staff must receive safe environment training. All children must receive safe environment training.

   Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People